Creative Communications Services

Jeremy Cooper's specialist services are:

  • Marketing consultancy and professional account management
    This involves getting to know about your company or organisation and doing everything possible to make it successful
  • Copywriting
    For advertising, direct marketing, digital communications, social media and sales promotions
  • Script writing
    Piecing together the right words for TV, radio and video productions
  • Naming
    Devising impactful labels for brands, products and companies
  • Branding
    Introducing and developing brands that communicate clear messages and establish a strong sense of belonging. How the brand looks, sounds, feels, behaves and lives up to expectations.
  • Advertising
    Creating concepts and copy, and managing the production process
  • Design
    The 'art' of marketing and brand enhancement
  • Creative Communications
    An all-encompassing phrase to sum up creative marketing solutions in printed and digital media (covering everything from direct mail, leaflets, posters, brochures, newsletters and flyers, to websites, banner ads, social media, PowerPoint presentations and e-mail campaigns)
  • Presentations and Workshops
    The ability to produce well-crafted content that is bang on brief - and delivered in a lively and creative presentation style to keep your audiences interested and engaged.
  • Business Buddy
    With years of experience running his own company, Jeremy Cooper is a really useful person to have around.