Jeremy Cooper

Jeremy Cooper is a branding and communications specialist. His experience covers brand development and management, copywriting, advertising, corporate communications, design and print, digital media and professional account management. From his base in Doncaster, Jeremy Cooper and his associates serve clients throughout the UK in the retail, B2B, dental, lighting, travel and leisure sectors.

He has the knack of coming up with all the right words in all the right places to promote this, sell that, or prompt a reaction to the other. And he's really easy to deal with.

Some clients use him to control their total communications strategy, whilst others just need him to write their direct mail and website copy. All however know exactly what they're going to get from him in terms of creativity, service and quality.

When appointing Jeremy Cooper you can expect to receive sound marketing strategies, great communication ideas, top quality creative work and a client service of the highest standard.

Jeremy Cooper has been involved in advertising and marketing since1977. He's worked on the media side, the client side and the agency side. He ran his own agency for over 14 years and was a director of another for nine. And now he's an independent branding and communications consultant working for wide range of clients – many of whom have been with him for over 10 years, and some for more than 20!

Achievements along the way have included:

  • Building a business from scratch into an agency turning over in excess of £2.5m per year
  • Enjoying excellent relationships with top quality clients
  • Being short-listed for the national TV commercial awards
  • Agency finalist in the ITV Teletext awards
  • Being quoted in Campaign magazine
  • Working with some of the best people in the business!
  • Creative freedom as an independent consultant
  • Creating the brand icon that won the BOSS marketing effectiveness awards 2011